Friday, October 17, 2014

I feel like I'm always getting caught up.

You know, if I actually posted regularly, I might not have this problem. Now I need to post everything I've done in the past 5 or 6 months.

Fortunately for you, I didn't take pictures of all of it. So I'll just give you the highlights, I guess.

I was in a play called "The Well of Horniness", which was a really strange and silly play about murder and depravity among lesbians. That inspired this little doodle, where the color is done in the smoke of the gun. I thought it was nifty.

This is just a picture of my drafting table as I was working on my finished drawing "Death of an Art Student."

This is "Death of an Art Student!" Based on how I feel after (Basically) every day. Drawn from images and life of my room, and throwing myself in there for good measure, it's the first Self Portrait of the year. It took me at least 10 hours, first drawing it and then inking it, coloring it with watercolor pencils, going over most of that with marker, then color pencil, then more pen, then graphite... oof. 

The first time I ever used watercolor pencils. I love the things. I need to use them more.

My first assignment in my Advanced Drawing class was simply "Here is gigantic paper. Do something that is appropriate for the size of the paper." The first thing that popped into my head was doing a break in the wall and people looking through from the other side. Then, I elaborated on the idea and wanted them to be looking in from a different dimension, hence the black and white (which is all ballpoint pen). Lastly, I used a passage from one of my favorite books, Lucifer's Hammer, to imply that we are looking into a fictional universe, and they are looking back.

I was bored at work, and going through a butterfly phase. I don't know what else I can say about this one... It was drawn upside down from this, but I prefer this angle for it. 

I'm doing a series of doodles of my delightful friend Cory and I during a zombie apocalypse, holing up in Arcadia (a barcade that opened in Portland) to ride out the end of the world with video games and alcohol. 

"Should we pause?"
"Just let me finish this battle, first."

A self portrait I did today. I haven't done one of me just looking neutral in a very long time. This only took me 30 minutes.

And just to bring us back to the last time I posted, I finally finished my dad's blanket. It now has a place of honor on his rocking chair in their house in New Mexico.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I have way too much to post here.

Whew. Okay. So.

It's the end of the semester, so things have been getting fun. For example, my drawing class all bunched up in the Art Department and drew all over the walls with chalk. Collaboratively. There is no part of this drawing that wasn't worked on by more than one person.

I drew the silhouettes in the corner.

Making mega progress on my dad's blanket.

My flower piece was glazed. I am not a huge fan of how it came out. BUT! We did an outside firing of some other pieces, and I thought it was so cool that I took way too many pictures.

Sang some Chamber Singers Music with my weirdo friends <3

Planted some Flowers...

Drew some flowers... (Watercolor with Seeking a Friend for the End of the World on)

(Marker with Muppet Treasure Island on)

(Oil Pastel with Spirited Away on)

And there we go.


I want to go back to sleep, even though all I've really done today is sleep.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

100th Post!!!!



Fitting that it's also the very end of the second semester of my fourth year. Sigh. I feel like everything is summing up just perfectl-

Oh wait, no, you have another year.

Way to be.

It's not because I got any bad grades. I've never received lower than a B minus, and overall I've received As or A minuses. It's just because as an Art and Entrepreneurial Studies major, there isn't much room in the program for electives, and I took them. To graduate on time I shouldn't have taken ASL 201, Chamber Singers (at all), Intro to Photography, or Intro to Ceramics. ALSO, I shouldn't have added a Theater Minor at all. But I did. So another year, here I come!

Which means I will keep updating this blog.

That nobody reads.

On that note, here's a picture of a boat.

I'll be back next week with pictures of my finished Ceramic works.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Yay roleplay games!!

So we started playing Caleb Lacy's Star Wars edge of the Galaxy campaign! So here are the doodles from our first play session:

Jenny and I having fun running around in the dark. I tripped on a crate and she got run over by a drunk prince.

Character designs for me: Left, Sasha Vodello, Correlian Human, and arsonist.
Caleb Vick, Right, Computer tech, I can't remember his race... and drug smuggler.

Bryn, top left, sneaky theif.
Jenny, bottom, Human archaoligist.
Sebastian, top right, Human bounty hunter.

"I shot you in your fat piggy face!" ... I feel this speaks for itself.

THEN, I played some more of Adam's Mutants and Masterminds campaign, and got a few more drawings there, too.

Lucky Seven and Reed don't get along.

Reed and I erected a barrier... I thought we were having such a good time.

Then Scarab punched some dudes in the face.

Loni and I snuck into the building... and by snuck I mean FLEW. Because he's a WIZARD and he can FLY.

Then I did some actual like... for class style drawing, too.

Did you have fun scrolling to the bottom of that?

I did.

It's a self portrait.

Because who doesn't want a tree painted on their laundry bag?

Three drawings of the same pose... Then my professor says "How are you going to tie them together?" ... Lines, apparently.

And Ally and I made a ransom note to get our cups back from our neighbors.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

No post Monday means HUGE POST today.


Here goes nothing.

Lets start with the attention grabber... SUPERHEROES!!

I'm playing in a game of Mutants and Masterminds run by my friend Adam, and this page (which is obviously incomplete) was inspired by my intro game. I drew it several days later, so a lot of it is inaccurate to how it actually happened, but you get the idea.

Below are the doodles I did WHILE playing, which got all smudgy in my backpack. 

Lucky 7 is my brother Austin's character. His "superpower" is that he is insanely lucky and everything goes right for him, and most of the time he thinks it's just a crazy coincidence. It's hilarious, and he plays it really well. He's also super rich. 
Me: "How did you get so rich?" 
Austin: "Well, my first mansion just happened to be built on an undiscovered oil deposit." 
Me: "How did you get enough money for the FIRST mansion?" 
Austin: "Same way anyone else does: I invested in the stock market!"

This was me meeting Scarab, Derrick's character, who is actually a giant monstrous bug man, but you can't tell here. He's wearing a synthetic skin weave. He's the guy who appears in the last two panels of the page I drew at the top.

My character's powers are that she can create ... basically MIME weapons that shoot energy. She likes to add her own sound effects.

Here she is with an energy sword (that didn't quite fit in the scanner I used).

One of her quirks: She hasn't decided what her superhero name is yet. So she's constantly coming up with new ones. Power Girl, Bang Chick, Lazer Lass have been used already, and my brother has started calling me random other superhero girl names. He referred to me as "Jubilee" and "Kitty Pride", and ended with just calling me "Small Girl".

A'righ'. Movin' on to Ceramics.

My giant plant thing. It broke when I was trying to move some of the petals out, so I repaired it and decided to just leave them straight up.

It looks coolest from above, unfortunately...




(No wings, yet. Thinking I might add those after firing and glazing by building them out of wire and cloth.)

And remember this guy?





I also have a picture of a bowl I threw, but it's kind of boring right now. ...It's just a clay bowl. So I'll show it to you guys after I glaze it. Deal? Deal.